My Travelogue

Some people collect snowglobes from the places they visit. I collect photographs. Life is too short and the world is smaller than you think. It's my goal to explore (and document) as much of it as possible. From a spontaneous weekend road trip to a planned solo trip overseas, I am always up for adventure.

If you enjoy my work and would like me to travel to wherever you are, chances are I can make that happen! Just contact me and we can talk details. In the meantime, please enjoy my favorite photos from some of my recent travels!

Road tripping in Colorado
Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland
Crossing the street by Buckingham Pa
Street Art, NYC
Big Ben, London
Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland
Atlas and St Paul's Cathedral, NY
4th of July in Green Bay
5th Avenue Subway, NYC
Ice shoves on the shore of The Bay
Up North in Wisconsin